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In worsen and deteriorated human rights situation in Pakistan, where millions of landless poor peasants striving for survival, millions of children faced with difficult circumstances i.e. children in prisons, detention centers, institutionalized shelter houses, working in hazardous working places, survivor (s) of violence/abuse/discrimination/trafficking, stuck in fatal situations, (including emergencies) and oppressive conditions while thousands of children were/are involved in the commercial sex, on the other hand thousands of women were killed/ing sold and subjugated in the name of tradition, culture and religion. The glummer aspect of all this was that settlement & vicinity of the minorities were attacked burned and they were ruthlessly killed. On the top of all this discriminatory laws were aggressively used against women and minorities and yearly thousands of extra judicial killing were at peak, SEHER came in to existence, with well thought understanding to be a National Level “Right Based Organization” to address human misery with a special focus on vulnerable segment of society i.e. women, children, minorities, refugees, disable/abused and the poorest of the poor.

SEHER was established in 1998 under registration of Social Welfare Act 807 20th August 1998 and register under the Society Act 840 19 Feb 2003 , to confront the deteriorating and yet challenging situation of human rights in the province. The situation of the basic human rights including the basic social amenities such as basic health, safe drinking water and primary education were only available to 25% of the population. It was increasingly felt that the government departments as the main support system and responsible for provision of basic services lack the basic capacity to deliver the tasks, while NGOs/CBOs were not only indulged in to service delivery but even in service delivery through “Sectoral Approach”, which was not only resulting on “Disintegration of Social Fabrics” and extreme ignorance of “Rights perspective in the interventions” but “Culture of Silence” at communities end.
At the time, SEHER embarked upon its journey towards a clear destination, but not so clear path, the situation was more challenging then it is today. Pakistan had recently become a nuclear power and hence the global community and particularly the development agencies were confused regarding their role in Pakistan. Most of the development aid was stopped. It was a time when the service delivery paradigm was given much importance and the concept of a rights driven development was considered a “too qualitative to measure\ hence not sale-able”. So SEHER had to carve a role for itself and the journey was by no means an easy one.
Today, we are proud to share that SEHER, being Rights Based Organization has carved out a niche for itself and developed thematic areas of programming such as Child Protection & Adolescent/Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Legal Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Livelihood, Encountering detrimental contagious Diseases, Emergency Response, Democracy, peace & human Security. Each Thematic Program has various projects to achieve the objectives of the respective program, while all the program are not only developed for women and children but having special focus, polarities and strategies for Afghan Refugees and Religious Minorities in various parts of the province.
During SEHER's journey of more than a decade, we learned that a human faceted development or an emancipated society can only be achieved through joint work and collaborative efforts with the Government, CSOs and other development stakeholders. To achieve the purpose, over the period, SEHER does not only pursue the strengthening of intra-organizational capacities through partnerships, alliances building, advocacy, campaigns and program cooperation at operational as well as policy levels but also develop a strong relationship with the government departments such as the law enforcement agencies, the education, social welfare, women development and the human rights.
Today we are a vibrant team of more than 111 professionals working in 20 districts of the province. We are playing our role as “Umbrella Organization” by having Partnership with 32 District levels NGOs (providing them financial, technical and institutional development support through formal Partnership Agreements), performing as Provincial Secretariat for 8 National and Provincial Networks and Consortium and having partnership with 7 key government departments through formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). SEHER is now set to arrive at destinations yet unknown to many.
SEHER takes privilege to make its contribution not only at Provincial level but also at National level. SEHER has established National Coordination Office at Islamabad with aim to share, support, contribute the developmental expertise with rest of the friends networks, organization and donors more important to raise the voice of vulnerable children, women and minorities of Balochistan at National level.
Taking advantage of the message, I would like to pay my heartiest thanks to SEHER's well wishers, friends, donors, partners and each individuals of SEHER family for supporting, paying respect and acknowledging SEHER.