Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It’s a time for us to roll up our sleeves and redouble our efforts to ensure that good changes are sustained and having long term multiplier effects. There is dire need to wear a critical lens and to see the things more critically, deeply and realistically. Ironically much has been achieved, but to me, sending a large number of children to schools is not enough; we need to ensure that they stay there and nurture a love for learning. Supporting the creation of women’s groups is not enough; we need to help them build the confidence they need to take decisions for themselves.
Rescuing people from poverty is not enough; we need to work diligently with law and policy makers to reducing poverty in all its dimensions. So, until a few years ago, we re-defined our goals as transforming of deprived people life in Balochistan, and we took big steps toward creating an actionable difference.

This year however, we continued to work towards strengthening the foundation on which changes can be sustained through initiating projects. We worked towards deepening our efforts to ensure a more robust and long-lasting impact. So that the wheels of change carry our venerable people into a future that’s bright and purposeful for all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all SEHER, well wishers, donors, friends, advisors, supporters, and partners. We look forward to deepening the work even further in 2018.

Abdul Wadood
Executive Director

We are PCP Certified