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Youth Empowerment

Pakistan currently has the largest cohort of young people in its history and succeeding associates are predictable to be even larger. More than half of Pakistan’s population comprises of individuals less than twenty years and 25 million aged 15-24. This huge population includes young adolescents and youth full of energy, emission with zeal and patriotism with a brain full of ideas, a heart filled with sensitivity and a mind bursting with dreams of a brighter tomorrow for self, the community and the country. The vigorous bodies and able minds of today’s Pakistani youth however remain unrestrained, unguided and without a clear vision for life and opportunities for the application of their energies for a greater cause or community service. The resulting frantic, frustrated soul in the unstructured and chaotic environment where morals and values are fast getting diluted finds solace in negative pursuits in the absence of headship, a smooth play field of opportunities and palpable definite roles and activities.

SEHER is believes in Rights Based Approach and therefore keeps the SEHER's philosophy on basis of rights. Youth has been the key consideration for team of SEHER in large because youth is energy, dedication, commitment, zeal and strengths can convert failures into success and for development of country ,the youth booster can play vital role for its development, defense and success.