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Health Care

An important cause of vulnerability in our society is the extremely poor health and hygiene conditions. This is partly due to lack of education and awareness but primarily due to very limited access to health and hygiene facilities. Save the Children Fund estimates that 10 million Pakistani children have no healthcare. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2005-06 a mere 0.75% of the GDP was spent on the health sector. The Social Policy Development Centre (SPDC), 2004, demonstrates that out of every 1,000 children who survive infancy, 123 die before reaching the age of five. A large proportion of those who survive suffer from malnutrition, leading to impaired immunity and higher vulnerability to infections. Human Conditions Report (2003) points out that about 40 percent children under 5 year of age are mal nutrition. About 50 percent of deaths of children under 5 years are due to malnutrition. Provision of health care is an essential part of SEHER’s programs aimed at empowering the vulnerable. Beyond healthcare components within each program areas SEHER also initiated additional services i.e. free medical camps, mental health services/awareness, and counselling and Information Centre (CIC) for high risk youth of HIV/AIDS.