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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Unite established in 2007 after devastating flood attacked the most deprived but Agricuturally rich areas of Balochistan. Since SEHER keeps its high moralistic responslibty to reach to each person for support and help in deprived situtation after emergency. In the absence of prompt and adequate response by the Government, SEHER intervened to provide immediate relief to the affected people either that is flood, earthquack or drought. The effort covered the worst affected areas of Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Turbat, Gwadar, and Kharan distracts by flood, while Ziarat District for Earthquake. A comprehensive relief program was put together and the following efforts may prove correctness of taking decisions of responding the emergencies. Keeping the importance of nature and urgency, SEHER evolved the ERU into Emergency Response Management t Program for not only understand the mechanism of preparadesnn but also teaching, training and responding to any natural disaster 24/7. SEHER Emergency Manamgnet Program has broad canvass under which designing and implementing pre and post disaster situation, trained young leadership on Disaster Risk Management, Action and its Reaction Response Management.