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Prevent and Respond to GBV and HIV/AIDS

The women in our society are deprived of their basic rights of the life especially in the tribal society of Baluchistan where domestic violence is a common practice of the society. The women are always threatened of abuse, honor killing, sexual assault, acid throwing, prone to diseases including HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately gender and HIV are always viewed separate from each other in development arena  enhance they were always focused to be addressed separately which never produced the desire results. 

The vulnerability of women increased due to unregistered medical practitioners and conventional birth attendants who attend most of the rural women. Theseunregistered medical practitioners use the unsterilized instruments, reuse of the syringes and other instruments which becomes a source of  spreading and transmitting STI’s, STDs, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS viruses to these women. While on the other hand male are also at high risk of such viruses due to conventional barber during their hair cutting who does not take any safety measures which cause the spread of diseases to their female counter part, free mobility and open opportunity for having homo and heterosexuality of men is another reason for prevalence. Therefore, measures are required for women to be more resilient and assertive to prevent themselves from gender based violence and related issues of HIV/AID and at the same time awareness sessions are required with male to avoid such improper practice which not only results on risk of their of life but also their counterpart and as well as their upcoming children.

To be with gender and HIV/AID issues holistically, SEHER has initiated intervention with name of "Prevent and Respond to GBV and HIV/AIDS" in Quetta District for educating and improving the knowledge of man and women on GBV and HIV/AID. Since without enhancing the economic position of women only awareness cannot make them to be assertive to deal with issues of GBV and HIV/AID. Therefore, for their economic uplifting skill development centers are also established and various skills are imparted to community women and their market linkages were made. A support mechanism in term of men and women community groups to extend their moral, social and political support to these vulnerable women also are formed and trained, police officials and doctors on prevention and protection from GBV and HIV/AIDS. 

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