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There is a huge Afghan refugees population still residing in Pakistan. These refugees still have a special status and access to public services is still limited. Afghan refugee women often face domestic violence and are often forced into early/ miss matched marriages. Young girls are especially at high risk for early/forced/mismatched marriage( due to preventive and miss use of cultural practice of dowry--bride price which is often negotiated by male family members such as brothers and fathers. After marriage, these women/ girls are treated as a commodity and live a life of inferior human being. they had to endure physical violence at the hands of their husbands and in-laws. Gender Based Violence is least recognized in Afghan Refugees in Balochistan due to conservative and men dominated society, traditional norms, refrains  survivors from reporting and seeking assistance due to cultural taboos, stigma, fear of conflict between families, and/or damaging families’ honor.

Keeping in view the grim situation of afghan refugees women and continuum of violation of their rights, SEHER has initiated an intervention which enables the women to assert for their rights and protect themselves from all forms of violence and abuse. In this regards, SEHER is imparting training to referral network members in (Community members, Police, Doctors and Service providers, Medical Officers, clergymen/religious teacher, Moras--wife of Mullah).To facilitate the Community Leader Groups for responding GBV issues and linking them to service providers through referral mechanism, extend counseling services to GBV survivors in Balochistan. In order to make this service more sustainable. readmore2

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