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Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence is a pervasive problem throughout Pakistan and particular in displaced population like the Afghan Refugees community. This fundamental violation of women’s rights has devastating consequences for women and men, their families and the broader community. GBV increases women’s vulnerability to reproductive health problems, negatively affects their general well-being and decreases their ability to freely participate in their families and communities. Communities also feel the negative consequences of GBV, which is a drain on the strength and development of micro and macro economy and their daily earnings.

SEHER aims to strengthen GBV prevention efforts in Balochistan. To discourage GBV practices through awareness raising has been SEHER’S strategy for involving community members in the process of defining and transforming social problems relevant to GBV. It involved introducing ideas, processes and concrete mechanisms within the community to raise awareness, inspire action and support positive change. In the context of gender-based violence, it is been a long-term process aimed at creating social change within the community in order to change the attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate GBV, improve GBV survivors access to medical and legal services in Quetta, strengthen economic position of  refugee women through skill, advocate with state institutions to improve their support mechanism in dealing with GBV cases in Quetta development and entrepreneurship opportunities, awareness raising/sensitization campaign for community/stakeholders, formation of leadership groups, establishment of Women Friendly Spaces, development of referral and complaint mechanism, skilled women entrepreneurs, capacity building and sensitization sessions for police, lawyers, advocacy through networking and coordination.readmore2

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