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SEHER’s rich work on ending violence against women with the tribal women in the rural setting or with women prisoners or Dar-ul-Aman’s inmates underscored the need to broaden its work and involving broad based key actors and stake holders who are instrumental in facilitating the women to lead better, secure and violence free lives. In this context SEHER strategizes its efforts and became part of the We Can Campaign on ending violence against women.  To achieve the desired results of the “We Can Campaign” to end violence against women, two fold strategy is adopted i.e. direct intervention of the campaign and Campaign’s Intervention through Partnership. SEHER devised well though strategy for direct intervention of the campaign (DIC), DIC is initiated in Quetta and Lasbela districts with activities,  orientation & sensitization of Senior Police officers, orientation & sensitization of Elected Representatives, media usage as advocacy tool for “We can Campaign,  “WE CAN” banner campaign, organizing 1000 Event for Ending violence against women, making Change Makers, District & Provincial Core groups for “We can Campaign”, Change Makers Provincial Assembly, solidarity with Sindh Provincial Assembly, highlighting the “We Can Campaign” efforts at National Level, campaign Intervention through partnership, workshops/seminars/rallies through “We can Campaign” to End violence against Women, making change makers by District Partners, organizing 1000 Events by District Partners and  District Assemblies. readmore2

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