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Ending Violence Against Women

Balochistan situation is worse, the tribal society is essentially male-dominated with strictly defined gender roles. While these men traditionally occupy the public sphere while women’s roles are confined within the reproductive sphere of the home. This creates conditions where women’s mobility is restricted, the unequal power relations result in relegating women to a subordinate and subservient position, thereby excluding them from serious decision-making at several levels.

SEHER’s project on Ending Violence against Women and Gender based Discrimination, from its very inception focused the most vulnerable segment of society, the women. The project was initially started in Tehsil Karkh in District Khuzdar, a very remote and under developed area and tribal traditions. As SEHER started establishing its roots and developed links with the community particularly with the most vulnerable segment of society, the project staff faced immense security threats. They were detained and immensely forced by henchman of the tribal chiefs and influential personalities to leave the area. Violence and poverty had strong nexus, violence was more visible in those areas/villages/households where poverty was more. Therefore, the intervention kept in view to address the social, political, economic and gender issues in the selected areas.

To achieve the desired result two fold strategies were applied: firstly direct intervention with communities, lawyers, journalists, police force and civil society organizations and secondly linkages building of village groups with line departments. i.e. Government departments, banks and umbrella organization SEHER's strategy to achieve the objectives and developed various activities: formation and strengthening of village women’s group, awareness of the social issues and enhancing intellectual depth, enhancing the access to social services, enhancing the technical knowledge and practical skills, enhancing condition and position of the women, enhancing the Economic Footings of the villagers, saving by male and female groups, provision of matching grand, investment and self employment, developing support mechanism, establishing and strengthening of CBOs Network, formation & strengthening of Police Forum, formation of Lawyer’s forum, formation of Journalist Forum, capacity building of Key Stakeholders on EVAW, enabling and rehabilitation of women in vulnerable situation, rehabilitation services for women prisoners and Dar-ul-Aman Inmates..readmore2

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