Core Values


Integrity is the amalgamation of all values that human being strives for.

Mutual Respect

Respect is the element that adds value to the work and boasts strong relation and healthy environment.

Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility brings forth thoughtfulness and practicality, which are the touchstones to hone the rough edges.


Interdependency paves the way for teamwork, complementing each others deficiency for quality work.

Caring & Sharing

This is the binding factor in keeping up rewarding relations.


Progress; it saves from squandering time, which SEHER believes to be the greatest resource of human being.


Moved to fore, accepting positive criticism for further improvement and advancement in quality of the work. The quality of being transparent broadens the vision and gives an insight for future planning.


Honesty “Moral uprightness” is one of the primary core values of SEHER, which is beyond the mere meaning of the word, it can be applied to all spheres of life such as personal and professional relations, attainment of resources and their cost effective utilization.

Where We Work

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