Economic Security of Women in Balochistan


Women Empowerment is defined as “Women’s ability to make strategic life choices where the ability had been previously denied to them”. As we articulate it empowerment is midway in the change processes that benefit women as individual, household, community and broader level. At the most basic level Economic Empowerment can benefit women simply by improving the quality of life, their well being in terms of income, health and their social status within their families and life. The financial strength could hold up the status of women in the sense of their self support and economical status in the society especially in the decision making.

SEHER is focused to empower the women of Balochistan and put efforts for development of alternative means of earnings.  In a country like Pakistan where there are a large number of vulnerable women living under the influence of religious groups, their own traditional practices, women are not supposed to earn a living for the family. SEHER initiated Economic Security of Women in Balochistan intervention for poor and vulnerable women in Balochistan.  SEHER has established women friendly space equipped with skill classes of different trades: tailoring, embroidery, beautician, market linkage of entrepreneurs of WFS for income generation  and awareness raising session GBV, Human Rights, Convention of CEDAW and women laws, in community level SEHER team formed women and men activist groups for the support, ownership and strengthen of the intervention. SEHER is currently operating ten 'production houses' comprising of women from poor backgrounds.readmore2

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