Legal Empowerment

Empowerment of a group or individual is reflected in its power to assert for the rights and resources for which they are entitled. But practical experience exhibits that even empowered people are often discouraged to demonstrate their assertion due to legal complexities in our system. Ordinary people either do not know the legal procedures and relevant institutions or lack the access to resources for legal services, as it is very costly and time consuming in the country to acquire justice from the court. According to an estimate 90% of the total population is unaware of the legal procedures. The remaining 10% only have limited knowledge of legal procedures. Justice is time consuming. An important aspect is the remoteness of the courts that create impediment for the people to appear in the hearings.   

SEHER ensures the legal support to needy people in accessing to relevant institutions through its legal empowerment program. The program provides free legal aid, legal advice and legal education to the masses in Balochistan in general, while to poor, vulnerable, socially excluded and marginalized segments of society in particular. The beneficiaries of legal aid include minorities, women, children, adolescent, foreign act prisoners, trafficked children and women and children involved in commercial sex trade. 


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