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Child protection is a very sensitive and under-rated issue in Pakistan and often goes unnoticed and unreported. The lack of information on factors that makes a child vulnerable to abuse make it very challenging to address issues holistically. SEHER, since its inception has been addressing child protection issues and it is a core thematic area. SEHER's work include political advocacy such as formulation and implementation of child protection laws, awareness raising on the protection issues and capacity building of law enforcement institutions and legislators on child protection. SEHER had focused on prevention and protection of child from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation including labor/ bonded labor, corporal punishment, commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), children in conflict with law, trafficked children etc. SEHER has adopted achild centered approach in all its programs for the protection, prevention and development of children. SEHER's programs cover a broad spectrum of services such as awareness on child rights, protection issues, child personal developmental training, rehabilitation services, child support system, and psycho-social support system, prevention from fatal disease including health and hygiene knowledge and skills development. Our believe is “Investing in children is investing for future's prosperous society." 



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