Women Empowerment

The violation of women rights in developing countries like Pakistan is a complex issue, having its deep rooted causes in the social, cultural and political practices prevalent in our society.  Our society, as a whole, continues to justify its practices that systematically deprive the girls and women from leading a life based on equity. Women are not given their share in the family property, are denied the right to choose a life partner, acquiring education etc.  All this is done in the camouflage of culture, tradition and religion. The deprivation does not stop at the domestic level but continues in the sphere of state provided social services such as access to education, safe drinking water, health facilities, jobs etc. This discrimination often takes the form of physical and emotional torture, sexual assaults, forced / miss-matched marriages. 

Balochistan is primarily a male dominated tribal society, where women are given less or no attention and are considered a commodity. The women are visibly missing from public offices, state institutions and legislation forums. SEHER is striving to raise voices for enhancing and improving the "condition" and "position" of women simultaneously. We are making efforts to mobilize the public sector and common masses for women rights geared towards enhancing the position of women at various levels, sensitization of legislators and policy makers for taking steps to ensure women participation in all spheres of life particularly at political forums. Design and develop mechanisms which could lead to women empowerment. In this regard SEHER uses multi-dimensional strategies i.e. Gender Equity Program, Combating Gender Based Violence, Sexual Gender Based Violence, Economic Development & Entrepreneurship, Campaigns and Advocacy on Ending Violence Against Women.


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