Poverty Reduction & Integrated Intervention

Poverty is one of the dismal issues of Pakistan and particularly Balochistan. The scarcity of resource and its distribution is unjust in Pakistan. Many National and International donor agencies have put huge amount for the reducing in poverty but unfortunately poor remains poor. Poverty Reduction & Integrated Intervention (PRII) is one of economic uplifting and community development interventions of SEHER initiated in June 2012 with objectives to reduced poverty, brings socio- economic change in masses through formation-strengthening of human and institutional development, ensured qualitative-quantities in education sector and improved existing health services in Balochistan. Balochistan being largest province of Pakistan needs intense developmental intervention for the women, men and children in large. The PRII in its take of phase has primarily focused to have social mobilizations wherein community is sensitized and sharing of program information, formation of men and women groups and formation of Community Organization, Village Organization, LSOs. In addition PRII also focused educational and Health segments in Bostan District Pishin. To formal and ensuring community participation, team has made formation of Parent School Management Committee (PTSMC) and under supervision of PTSMC a feasibility of school building for infrastructure development and to decor the child friendly environment in schools. The program also focused to development capacity of COs members in order to achieve the objective of community participation and ownership with aim to take the lead role in development and implementation community development plan for long term. readmore2

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