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What is Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHER)?

SEHER (society for empowering human resource) is a nonprofit organization established in 1998, to act as a support system for the most marginalized and vulnerable segments of society. We mainly emerged as a change agent to societal pattern causing a development halt; economical, individual or societal. We urge progression which is equitable in terms of social and economical development; right based in its approach participatory/integrated.
Drifting with exceptional thrust SEHER foster with an extreme focus on empowering the human resource to ensure sustainability with extended outreach. Currently owing a thematic lead in the region, enclosing dimension from poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, protection, advocacy to more diversified one; Disaster risk management and Research. Pursuing a range of activities; from community development , social mobilization , infrastructure development ,provision of essential services and policy reforms; all with a technique/course to foster reliance on conventional wisdom ,indigenous knowledge and skills.
With a precise timeframe of about 14 years, SEHER successfully build a network of partners with aligned perspective and parallel endeavor/struggle resulting in exemplary sustained models like CPC (child protection Center), PCPC (Police Child Protection Center), and Jails (Quetta, Much, Gaddani and karachi ) . SEHER is dressed with Right Based Approach and uses rigorous approach by analyzing the various aspects that contribute to oppression, injustice, violence, vulnerability, discrimination, abuse and poverty in the society while treating the survivor (s) as "subjects of the change process".
SEHER believes in right based culture where norms and values of social justice, guarantee of self-respect, availability of equal rights with equal opportunities and uniform road to the destination of development process for all segments of society prevails. SEHER consistently adhere to make its contribution in development of such culture.


Our Vision is to create a “A Prosperous and Violence Free Society” and our Mission is “To empower the marginalized segment of the society to assert for their social, economic and political rights”.

Following are our some core Objectives :-


Develop a sustainable livelihood model to alleviate poverty using participatory approach for empowerment of poorest of the poor.


Rehabilitation of children and women in difficult circumstances and strengthening Right-Bases support system for prevention and protection of children/women from all form of violence, abuse and negligence.


Rehabilitation of survivor of Sexual/Gender Bases Violence, CSEC , trafficked, abused, discriminated, bounded labor children and women.


Provision of legal services to the vulnerable women, children, minorities, refugees including juveniles/foreign Act prisoners, trafficked/smuggled children/women and commercial sexual exploited children/women.


Advocate and play proactive role for democratic values, peace and human security to respond all form of violence and injustice through alliance building, partnership Cooperation and campaigns.


Ensure protection of women and children in application of human rights in times of natural Calamities and in situations of conflict.


PCP certificate

Pakistan Center for Philanthropy Certification

PCP Certification examines the organisation’s structure, finances, systems, procedures, processes and programmes for a specific period against standardized parameters.


The Quaid-i-Azam has instructed that the creation of a new Ministry which is to work directly under him should be announced to the Press to-night, and also gazetted immediately. The Quaid-i-Azam has decided that the new Ministry will be called “The Ministry of States and Frontier Regions”. The Quaid-i-Azam has further directed that unless there is any serious legal or other objection, it must be stated in the Press Note that the new Ministry will function under the direct control, guidance and direction of Quaid-i-Azam and Governor-General of Pakistan and this portfolio will be his special care.