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 September 2013, 12. SEHER training cell conducted training on “Sensitization session on Human Right and  Refugee Rights ” at Police Training College Quetta, where 305 police officials participated in the entire trainings, the training sessions followed by Human rights & Refugee rights covering the following mentioned topics (UDHR) Universal Declaration of human Rights, Geneva Convention 1951, Basic rights in Constitution of Pakistan, Refugees Current Status, Tripartite agreement, Deference between Asylum Seeker & Refugee & Including Prove of Registration (PoR) Cards importance, the police officials sensitized through different activities about the concern topics, the whole trainings were participatory involving each participant to take part in the activities & discussions to be award of all related topics. After conduction of all trainings the participants were given certificates in this regard. Moreover the police Instructors of police Training College also took part in it for further implementing the topics in their police Training course.

1 Day Orientation Session for Respected Judges and Parole/ Probation Officers of Balochistan

 P928000828TH September 2013. Society for Empowering Human Resource conducted on one orientation session for respected Judges and Parole/ Probation officers of Balochistan. Mr. Behram Lehri. He presented the objectives of orientations. In his speech importance of this orientation and out comes which will affects the implementation of these Laws. Further he presented the SEHER's work as it is known by every one that SEHER started working since 2003 being a right base organization working on Children, women and minorities issues. Further he shared that SEHER had arranged the workshop with the support of Save the Children Pakistan Program with Judges and Parole/Probation officers of Balochistan with objectives of highlighting the child protection issues and looking good recommendations to overcome on these issues.Save the children Pakistan Program focal person for child protection Mr. Aamer khan presented the objectives of the project with the view to strengthen the child protection system in Balochistan, further he said that this project is started with different stakeholders, specially Judges, Reclamation, Police and Parliamentarians. 


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