Emergency Response to Flood Affected People of Nasirabad 2007


Cyclone Yemyin hit the shores of Pakistan (Balochistan and Sindh on 23 June 2007 and followed by monsoon showers two day later bringing acute disaster in Balochistan. Flood has spread to 18 districts in Balochistan, out of 29 Districts. Official estimates showed that flooding resulted in 176 deaths, 195 missing, 150,000 become homeless and around 2,000,000 areas affected.


Flood not only washed away the structures in the affected areas but also left the children and women with extreme vulnerabilities. Children witnessed mass destruction of life and property and immense fear of repeated disaster, which resulted in post disaster diseases, including trauma and psychological distress. Hence SEHER selected 6 UCs (1) Baghtail2) Karaianferri 3) SibiJadeed 4)  NoshkiJadeed 5) Ghandakha 6) Bagh Head) in district Jaffarabad and 4 union councils namely 1) ManjhooShora, 2) Kona Tumboo, 3) GhareeRehman and 4) Baba Koat in district Naseerabad, which were severely affected by flood.


SEHER not only focused the psycho-social support and rehabilitation of the affected children and women in all 10 affected UCs, but also supported them with food and non-food items. SEHER immediately established 10 children and women friendly spaces, one in each targeted UCs and evolved all its activities around it. Although there was only one CFS in each UC, but SEHER mobile teams were operating from there and focusing all the villages of each UC. Altogether SEHER was focusing 66000 people of 9000 households from 360 villages of the affected UCs of Nasirabad and Jaffarabad Districtsreadmore2

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