Flood Emergency Response 2010 - Shelter

In 2010, the flash floods hit the districts of Kohlu, Barkhan, Bolan, Sibi, Naseerabad & Jaffarabad in Balochistan with the heavy torrential consistent rainfall.  The flood which resulted due to torrential/flash rains affected the aforementioned districts where it caused extensive damage to houses, standing corps, orchards, livestock, water supply schemes, schools, health centers, roads and other infrastructure facilities affecting thousands of people and settlements.

Provision of the shelter to the flood affected families has emerged as basic need because it has multiplied effects on the social, economic conditions and other dynamics of the population. The major problem for the flood affected population was the monsoon season because already the affected population does not have the shelter to be secure from the heavy rainfalls of the monsoon season. In order to ensure the rehabilitation of flood affected people, SEHER implemented the project of One Room Shelter construction funded by People of Japan through UNHCR in Sohbatpur city, District Jaffarabad and constructed 360 shelters for the flood affected areas.  readmore2

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