Emergency Response & Protection Nasirabad 2011 - Child Friendly Space

The heavy rains hit northeastern districts of Balochistan on 22 July early morning causing serious flash floods resulting significant damages to human life property. From the Initially available reports around 50,000 people in 30 worst hit villages are affected by the flood.

PDMA Balochistan had declared district Barkhan, Sibi, Kohlu, Bolan and Naseerabad as the flood affected districts where according to the available information 5000 to 10000 families  are affected. From unofficial sources 50 deaths in the affected districts are also reported. The communication infrastructure has been badly affected damaging the main roads and rail link in the province and there was no access to all the affected areas initially.

SEHER immediately responded in the natural calamity of flood and started its efforts to coup with the situation to provide relief to the children . SEHER distributed  large number of non financial items (NFIs) in Nasirabad district to provide relief to the people who were facing numerous problems due to the floods last year. Since the flood hit Balochistan people were living in a miserable condition especially children were the first to be affected by the situation. SEHER has started its work in the flood hit areas in order to know the exact amount of damage done by the floods. SEHER has formed child clubs in calamity hit districts and also provide Psychological support for the children.readmore2

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