Flood Emergency Response Nasirabad 2010 - Temporary Learning Centers

SEHER immediately responded in the natural calamity of flood and started its efforts to coup with the situation to provide relief to the children . SEHER has distributed large number of NFI’s in Nasirabad district to provide relief to the people who were facing numerous problems due to the floods the previous year. Since the flood hit Balochistan people were living in a miserable condition especially children were the first to be affected by the situation.

Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) were established for the flood affected children. Recreational activities were vital part of the project and each of the TLC was provided with recreational kit which included the sports items for girls and boys. Teachers were oriented to utilized the kit and guided accordingly, it was focused that children should play with the teacher’s supervision so any misshape should be avoided. Children play volleyball, cricket, rope skipping, Frisbee and badminton. Teachers facilitate them to play and form their teams to compete.  

Psychosocial support was an integral part of the SEHER  emergency response. It helped individuals and communities to heal the psychological wounds and rebuild social structures after an emergency or a critical event. It also helped change people into active survivors rather than passive victims.readmore2

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