Flood Emergency Response Nasirabad 2011 - Education

The flood which resulted due to torrential/flash rains affected the aforementioned districts where it caused extensive damage to houses, standing corps, orchards, livestock and water supply schemes affecting thousands of people and settlements while cutting and damaging road networks. Along with the houses and all the Infrastructure Schools of the area were also damaged and displaced children had no space to learn.  

SEHER with financial and technical support of UNICEF initiated a project to revive the education and provide alternative learning services for children living in IDP camps of Naseerabad. The project started from August 27, till October 27, 2010. The two month project aimed to provide educational services to the flood affected children residing in internally displaced people’s camps in Naseerabad. The project worked through mobilization of community, establishment of TLCs and coordination with education department.  readmore2

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