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Young people constitute the largest (67% resides between the age 15-35) segment of Pakistani population. Those form low and middle income groups, have fewer opportunities to develop to their full potential. Poverty is widespread, educational levels are low, youth unemployment is high and traditional cultures does not encourage young people to take decisions on issues concerning them. There is limited scope for young people’s positive local engagement in grassroots politics and community development. Keeping in view the above situation SEHER implemented a project for youth in the outskirts of Balochistan, with the financial assistance of British Counsel. The program works with people who have demonstrated they have taken local social responsibility, including youth workers, group for women, educators and faith leaders. Working together, these local influences build trust and understanding, develop skills, and deliver projects on urgent themes such us poverty, literacy, democracy and climate change, connecting local and international agendas through the program.  

SEHER is working with youth in different districts of Balochistan and found them depressed and marginalized. For the uplifting of the energy, strength and confident level, SEHER implemented the Active Citizen Program with financial support of British Counsel in Balochistan. The  program aimed to cater platform to the youth of Balochistan to serve their community, province and country according to their own idea. SEHER organizes 5 days training for the capacity building of youth with content of local and global case studies, identity and culture, dialogue, citizenship, social action, gender, conflict resolution, inclusive development, branding and tools and tips for projects.readmore2

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