Mitigating Urban Poverty Program

Poverty is dominance-dependence relationship the more one is dependent the more s/he is poor. Empowerment of the poor is critical to the poverty alleviation because powerlessness and poverty are almost synonymous. The pragmatic reality that the poor lack choice and control over the resources and the right to influence their future due to their powerlessness, which requires holistic approach by treating poor as the “subjects of change”, through Pro-Poor Participatory approach.

SEHER believes that poverty is a multidimensional problem that needs relentless and holistic approach. SEHER’s rich experience of the field and extensive study of the subject revealed the grim reality of dependency trap, which were social, economic and political. Unlike the conventional approach of service delivery SEHER adopted a right-based approach of reaching to poorest of the poor and empower them to combat for their rights and survival. The strategy triggered a development of a model project to translate the idea into practicality terms and finally replicate/expand to other areas. 

SEHER with financial support of Concerned Worldwide started the intervention: Mitigating Urban Poverty (MUPP)  a model in the urban setup to empower the poorest of the poor with viable strategies, primary organization, Secondary organization and tertiary organization, Reality Investigation Exercise & Categorization of the Poor, analysis of difference between market & local shopkeeper’s rate, using the idle resources as tool for strengthening the economic base of the poor, livelihood improvement, matching grants and grant of soft money, Investment through income generation activities, skill development, establishment of skill development centre, vocational training, marketing of the products,  rehabilitation packages, trainings on Social Awareness of the Community and Collective Response to local problems.

Intense work brought many visible improvements into the lives of poorest of the poor and revealed other underlying dynamics involved that probably needed much more concentrated efforts and innovation to deal with. SEHER found it was high time to strategize the efforts and explore new windows of opportunity to break the poverty trap. SEHER decided to go for fresh intervention of entrepreneurship after completing the successful phase of skill development, which opened new venues of imparting advance trainings to the skillful trainees pertaining to marketing and business projection, establishment of production Centre in both union council and establishment of display Centre in the main marketing area of Quetta City.


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