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The high influx of Afghan Refugees population following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Pakistan had hosted  3.7 million  refugees since last 30 years due to poor Government refugees camp related  policies these refugees spread all over the countries particularly in Balochsitan. Balochistan hosts 1.5 million out of the total number of the Afghan Refugees. The refugees face number of problems in terms of residence, health, education, food, decent work, legal assistance and identity crisis. Afghan community is mostly unaware of their rights which were provided to them by national and international laws, for this purpose Information and Legal Assistance Center has been established by SEHER with support of CRS in three districts of the province in order to cater all the refugee influx area of the province which includes areas and refugee villages of Quetta, Loralai and Chaghi. Since Pakistani law enforcing agencies frequently arrests afghan refugees either due to unawareness of Proof of Residence (POR) card, therefore SEHER impart very rigorous training to law enforcement agencies to address illegal arrests of the Afghan Refugees. readmore2

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