Legal Empowerment of Vulnerable Segments of Society

Ensure justice through provision of Legal Aid at door step to the vulnerable segment of society i.e. women, children, minorities, refugees and foreigner Act 1/14 prisoners and sympathize  the judicial system to be people centered and pro vulnerable segment in Pakistan. Since its inception SEHER is extending its financial, technical, and legal assistance to benefit  poor and vulnerable segment of the society who on one hand are unable to bear the cost of the judicial expenses and are unable to cope with the complexity involved in the judicial procedures. While on the other hand they are socially deprived people who even lack the ability to access and approach to the judicial system for justice. 

SEHER  has served and ensured the access of Juvenile, women, minorities and  Foreigner’s Act prisoners (of indian, Bangladash, Neigaria, Afghanistan, Takistan and other countries) to rehabilitation services, provided them in their barracks by SEHER i.e. Literacy, computer literacy, skill development, psychosocial counseling, legal assistance (legal education, legal advice and legal aid) recreational activities and immunization. SEHER has also designed various methods to enhance capacity and knowledge of prisoners through mind mapping exercises and observing UDHR, International Women Day, 19 Nov, 14 August-- Independence Day, 23rd March--Pakistan Day, 25th December--Quaid Azam Day and etc. SEHER has also imparted trainings and their refreshers courses on CEDAW, CRC, JJSO and UDHR within the Jail Premises for both prisoners and Jail staff. readmore2


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