ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) - Gender Justice Through Musahliat-E-Anujum Committee



SEHER Legal Aid Program created so much space for vulnerable and needy communities to address their issue particularly the cases of violence and conflicts in the court of Law. The lengthy procedural issues of judiciary put a great number of people helpless. IN the face of such a situation UNDP conceptualized an intervention with the Government of Balochistan to reinforce implementation of ordinance 2001 that integrates Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) through Musalihat-e-Anjuman. This conceptualization pave the way for SEHER to negotiate and make partnership with UNDP-PPU-GTMAP and Balochistan Local Government Department to play its role in enabling the union council to resolve the related issues at their Union Council level.

The intervention met dual objectives of SEHER, on one hand it provided ample opportunity of reaching to hundreds of Union Councils and enabling the UC's duty bearers and Musalihat e Anjman (MA) for ensuring Gender Justice in their respective vicinities through Alternative Dispute Resolution. SEHER strategic formation of MASS / MAJA Consortium, notification of MASS and MAJA, TOT on Gender Justice, TOT of GJTMAP Staff, formation of Musalihat -E- Anjuman, Consensus Building meetings for formation of MAs, notifying the member of MAs by ICs, Training of MAs, Awareness Raising Efforts, Orientation/Awareness Raising Session with Judiciary and Police, Orientation/Awareness raising session at villages level & educational institutes and Usage of Promotional Material for Awareness.readmore2

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