Prevention & Protection of Trafficked Children

Child trafficking is often an outcome of the widespread child protection issues such negation of child rights and lack of child centered developmental approaches. The problem of child trafficking is a complex one as it involves big financial gains by the perpetrators which in some of the cases also included child's family and extreme poverty is the root cause.  State's insensitive attitude and ignorance at Primary Care Givers level further perpetuates the situation resulting on child trafficking which culminates to , but not limited to, child prostitution, child pornography, bonded labor, child camel Jacky, forced marriages etc.

Balochistan serves as a transit route for many children trafficked to western countries through its border with Iran. Illegal travel across many borders requires a network of smugglers, who are linked from Pakistan through Iran to the Gulf States, Turkey and then to Europe. Although children are being trafficked from all over the country, however, the majority of trafficked children and other illegal emigrants, according to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), are from the poor areas of Southern Punjab, the area have a history of overseas migration and have been long dependent on remittances from abroad. The child trafficking is very common in this area. The victims have little or no control over what happens to them. The tragedy is that many of these children are sent or taken to the cities with the consent of the parents/guardians and many of them end up in extremely exploitative and abusive situation. Trafficking exposes children to violence, sexual abuse, HIV infection and violates their rights to be protected, to grow up in a family environment and to have access to education.

SEHER  is keen to improve and protect the children from the repercussion of trafficking at a larger level, SEHER established Child Friendly Center in FIA Offices in Quetta, Taftan and Gawadar to provide protection and support to traffic children with services such as child friendly environment, nutritional  supplement, legal aid, psycho social counseling, medical aid, recreational activities and reunification with their families. The children are provided with free legal aid and are facilitated in reuniting with their families. readmore2

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