Children at high risk of HIV/AIDS

Hundreds of children, roaming in the streets of Quetta City, picking garbage and earning for their families, ignorant of the fact that their lives are at stake due to Injected Drug Users and medical waste. Apart from used injections by the drug addicts which are used by multiple partners and full potential of carrying the HIV/AIDS, and the medical waste having all the possibility of fatal viruses including HIV/AIDS, the addicts themselves lives in or in the surrounding of the Garbage dumps, early in the morning when these children comes for picking garbage from those dumps, are usually raped and sexually abused by these addicts, which also puts the lives of these innocent children at high risk of HIV/AIDS.readmore2

The number of such children is as high as more then 10000, it is not possible to stop these children from picking the garbage, because this is crucial for their own and their families survival, but yet they can be protected from abuses and fatal diseases including HIV/AIDS, in this regard SEHER has applied a holistic approach to protection the children at high risk of HIV/AIDS. SEHER for the protection of children at risk initiated the health care segments wherein the strategy involved to have free medical camps in the deprived areas of Balochistan, provision of mental health (psycho-therapeutic help), health education/awareness, counseling and information center for high risk youth, analyzing the situation of Injecting Drug Users, medical services, rehabilitation efforts, responsibility orientation, health and hygiene orientation, child protection and HIV/AIDS orientation, recreational activities, psycho-therapeutic exercises, family therapy, awareness raising seminars, provision of small  businesses for IDUs to be rehabilitated and referral / physical treatment to other centers/ services.readmore2



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