Child Labor & Working Children

Balochistan is the poorest province of Pakistan; comprising 44% of the total area of Pakistan it is the largest province 63% of the population lives below the poverty line while population living in high degree of deprivation standards starts as high as 88%districts are the poorest districts of the country.

The economy of Balochistan is largely based upon the production of natural gas, coal and other minerals. Other important economic sectors include fisheries, mining, manufacturing industries, trade and other services being rendered by public and private sector organizations. Limited farming in the east and fishing along the Arabian Sea coastline provide income and sustenance for the local population. In spite of having treasure of natural resource, yet poverty is underneath due to political and equal distribution of resource.

Child Labour or Working Children is one of serious issues in Pakistan and particular Balochistan. Apart from being signatory of CRC, around 12 different laws exists in Pakistan regarding the age of “Child” which gives room to the duty barriers in escaping from their responsibilities. Working Children/Child Labor is wide range in the province. One can find thousands of children working in motor garages, local tea spots, vegetable market, cycle/motor cycle works shops, service stations, cart riders, hawkers, or bakeries in Quetta. Being the capital of the province, Quetta, is the only urban area of the province, a large number of working children both from the refugee community and local community are engaged in child labor. These children involved in the workforce are more exposed to various kinds of abuse. The situation of child labor calls for immediate action, which if faltered at this crucial stage may entail damaging results. SEHER decided to intervene in the motor garages in May 2005 and help children working in the motor garages to live a life of dignity through Demonstrating Elimination of Child Labour through Awareness Raising and Education (DECLARE).

SEHER has put effort to overcome mysterious life of child labor or working children and established Working Children Care Centers (WCCC) for working children in the city wherein children has been facilitated with Life Skill Based Education, Livelihood Improvement Activities with the Parents of Labor Children, Formation and Capacity Building of Children Association, Child Care Committees and Motor Garage Union, Awareness Sessions, Recreational Activities and Supplementary Food/Nutritious supplements.readmore2

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