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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (Rehabilitation)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is perhaps the most taboo topic in Child Protection. Its prevalence is denied and society, by and large rejects that CSEC is a reality and it exists as the as worst form of child abuse. Poverty, negligence and traditional thinking results in the "culture of silence" and non child friendly environment in the educational institutions/work places etc  contributes in CSEC.  Our society in general and families in particular are in acute "state of denial", this attitude benefits the perpetrators and increases the vulnerability of children to continuous sexual abuse leading to commercial sexual activities. Initially SEHER started work on rehabilitation of children involved in commercial sexual exploitation through a project named IMTIZAJ. The strategy is to engage, prevent protect and rehabilitate the children involve in commercial sex through psychosocial counseling of the child, involving the child in healthy activities with peers such as games, skills enhancement and literacy, leading to a more comprehensive alternate livelihood options. The project also focuses the child's families, their sensitization and awareness raising. SEHER also focuses the issue at policy level. SEHER established  Child Protection Centers in Quetta and Gawadar offering the various rehabilitative activities for the vulnerable children. Child Protection Centers(CPC) played pivotal role in improving the behavioral change,  with children regaining their confidence, started asserting to their rights, enhanced ability to protect themselves from potential abuses, converting them as change agent to protect other exposed children in their vicinities, skill to have alternative means of earning. readmore2


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