Juvenile Justice System Ordinance

Wide spread violation of Children’s Rights is visible in Pakistan, perhaps the result of lack of proper coordination between different state institutions such as judicial and Director of Reclamation and Probation, police & jail Departments , judicial and prosecution Department etc due to which in many cases even procedures itself becomes tools for violation of Children’s Rights. The prime victims of the inefficiency of the procedures are the prisoners particularly juveniles, on top of all this there is no legal assistance system for Under Trail Prisoners (UTP) and rehabilitation mechanism for convicted prisoners in jails due to which the hope of conversion of prisoners into good citizens after their release become next to impossible. Although Government of Balochistan has ratified JJSO 2000 as soon as it is promulgated at national level and notified its rules in 2005 but its true execution at ground level is still a dream in the province. 

Lack of proper legal assistance mechanism and long delays in the hearings culminates and longer stay of juveniles and other prisoners in Jails which increases vulnerabilities and insecurity among juveniles and utmost protection issues. SEHER has initiated two fold strategies of legal assistance for under prisoners rehabilitation activities for convicted juveniles.





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