Engaging Youth in Community Action for Social Cohesion & Peace in Quetta

SEHER with financial support of GIZ is initiating project in Quetta for engaging youth in community action for social cohesion and peace in Quetta. The project is intended to enhance social cohesion among youth in refugee hosting communities through youth led development initiatives introducing Youth Action projects as a tool. Youth of the both refugees and host communities will be mobilized, organized and empowered to achieve the agenda of Refugees and Host Communities development needs as well as exemplary social cohesion among them by engaging them in local development. SRHC Project will also bridge gaps between local youth and the Quetta metropolitan represented by Mayor at city level and Councilors at union council level. The project will connect the positive energies of young people with Quetta Metropolitan Corporation both at city and UC level. Young people will be identified from the communities and will demonstrate 25 pilot projects for Quetta Metropolitan in 4 refugee hosting union councils of Quetta city. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their services, metropolitan and its allied wing of Firefighting and emergency response will also be equipped and strengthened.  


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