Fast Track School System


The quality of education imparted by the majority of Government and Private schools also remains questionable owing to an acute dearth of properly trained and qualified teachers, and any kind of support mechanism for these teachers with the exception of few large schooling systems which meet the standard, but fall far beyond the reach of a family with normal income.

Keeping such a grim educational situation in view SEHER has taken strategic initiative of introducing Fast Track Schooling System. The primary focus of this schooling system is to provide access of not merely education but quality education at very nominal fee affordable to poorest segments of society living in slums of Quetta. The system is actively in action and currently running the 3rdsuccessful year of this piloted concept of Fast Track Schooling System replicable not only to other peripheries of Quetta District but also to other distant districts of Balochistan. The idea of Fast Track Schooling System contain lucrative activities for children in school,curricular activities, computer classes, co-curricular activities and Life skill based education and Child Rights Convention..

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