Observing International Day

Purpose of observing international days is to reinforce someone’s commitment with the case and show his/her solidarity with all those individuals and institutions who are promoting the related cause. On the other hand purpose is also to reveal the harsh realities and fact to the ordinary people on a specific day, which are in contradictory with the respective day

Observing national and international days provide the opportunity to reinforce the commitment as well as express the feeling related to the particular issue/cause. It also gives platform to demonstrate the learning of whole year at larger scale. Last but not least it also improves the synergic effort for upcoming days/years. Days of importance can be divided in two categories i.e. days having international importance and days having national importance, SEHER observes both to synergize its work. SEHER has been commemorating the following days and it is the mandate of SEHER to celebrate with its true spirit:

  • Pakistani Women Day 12 Feb 
  • International Women Day 8 March
  • World Refugee Days 6 June
  • World Child Abuse Day 19 November
  • Human Rights Day 10 December

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