Campaign - Peace

The proportion of PEACE promoting steps for strengthening of numerous areas of existing setups in our societies like education setup, political setup, judiciary setup, execution of law and others is very minute which results in   increasing the circumference of materialistic development but simultaneously diminishing the essence of PEACE in the societies and this situation  considerably  reflects inappropriate strategy as it lacks PEACE promoting agenda particularly and this situation also appeals for  strategizing organizing and conducting PEACE promoting activities

Addressing the immense need of PEACE and coping with the prevailing epidemics of ignorance and negligence of PEACE in our societies, SEHER with the collaboration of OXFAM-Novib organized launching ceremony of PEACE Campaign in Balochistan, capturing sufficient audience from civil society and other Government and non-government officials including lawyers community, members of student federation and representatives of political parties. The main objective of the launching ceremony of PEACE Campaign was to develop the conceptual understanding regarding the objectives of the PEACE Campaign among participants and highlighting the ignored essence of PEACE as prime value in societies and encouraging PEACE promoters or PEACE Activists to emerge as a pressure group which will address the PEACE  as prime need for poverty alleviation and eradication of current devastating picture of law and order in the province which has already made the complete system too much fragile.readmore2

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