Activism - 20 Days International Children Day 2006

SEHER had been celebrating the International Children Day for many years. Over the period and being a member of Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF), it learned about the measures adopted by various organizations to combat child abuse in different parts of the world. In 2006, SEHER realized that simply observing “One day is Not Enough” therefore, decided to launch a larger campaign on Prevention of Child Abuse. The aim of 20 Days of Activism was to express solidarity with the vulnerable children and create awareness among masses and powerful strata including the policy makers about the child abuse, plight of children and the forlorn situation they live in. Various activities and programs were planned and carried out with the active involvement of street children, working children (scavenger and garage children), juvenile prisoners, like-minded CSOs, law enforcement agencies, etc. In order to have a better impact of the planned activities, SEHER sensitized key stakeholders including primary caregivers, religious school/scholars, judiciaries, bar councils, law enforcement agencies’ officials, Teachers Associations, All Pakistan Clerk Association, Motor Garage Union, Women Political Forums, Pakistan Pediatric Association, Journalist Union, Merchant Association and Media etc.

The 20-Days Activism was culminated on November 19th 2006 i.e. the World Day of Prevention of Child Abuse by organizing several activities including Grand Rally and a Seminar which were attended and appreciated by a number of people and dignities from all walks of life and CSOs. SEHER has won the international Prize of WWSF among more than 300 organizations throughout the globe , on its vehement and enthusiastic involvement in the activism in order to raise the children issues.

Realizing the success and impact of 20 Days Activism, SEHER initiated 9-Month Activism in February 2007 by expanding activities to 22 districts of Balochistan. The prime objective was again highlighting the child rights and protection of children from media violence through rigorous activism in different spheres of life. 

Activism on the occasion of World Prevention of Child Abuse Day became a regular mandate of SEHER and every year SEHER observed the activism in its true spirit and reach out the those segments who remains un seen in conventional international day celebrations. Similarly in 2011 SEHER has launched 19 days of Activism from 1 to 19th November 2011 on mass level and carried out activities in Quetta, Mach, Gaddani, Pishin, Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Loralai, Chaghi, Mastung, Killa Abdullah and also in Islamabad, to reach the common masses for the elimination of corporal punishment from the society..  readmore2

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